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The Neoliberal Book of the Dead – Chapter Three: The Zombie Doctrine

A Pre-Dystopian Tale. You can’t live a post-revolutionary existence in a pre-revolutionary society. This quote has stuck with me over the…

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The Neoliberal Book of the Dead – Chapter Two: The Power of Economics

POVERTY MATTERS Poverty is created. Poverty is neither inherent in nor a product of nature since by its nature, poverty is…

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The Neoliberal Book Of The Dead: Chapter One

PROPAGANDA AND PUBLIC OPINION. The waging of a perpetual economic and social war against an actual or manufactured enemy has been…

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Tempus Fugit

The News. Ever see the musical “Newsies”? It’s a Disney Theatrical Productions stage musical based on the 1992 musical film Newsies,…

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Blogs, Politics September 6, 2019

Death of the Democratic Party

Pins and Needles. When was the last time you got picked on for doing something you either didn’t do, or failed…

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