acTVism: Freedom & Democracy – Global Issues in Context

First aired over live on January 15, 2017 from the Muffathalle in Munich, Germany, Freedom & Democracy – Global Issues in Context is a webcast  hosted by Zain Raza, the founder and senior editor of acTVism Munich.

The webcast features a lineup of global media superstars, including exiled NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden eloquently speaking about privacy, civil rights and the surveillance state; publisher of The Intercept, author and Academy Award nominee Jeremy Scahill discussing the neoliberal US foreign policy and the threat of nuclear war; Marxist economist Professor Richard Wolff talking about the lack of economic and political alternatives to neoliberal capitalism; German publicist, doctor of law, former media manager and politician Jürgen Todenhöfer discussing Germany’s role in Western foreign policy;

The Real News Network publisher Paul Jay speaking out on the use of the Deep State corporate-controlled MSM to disseminate state sponsored propaganda and the overt threat to independent journalism and open opinion; and philosopher, activist and co-founder of Democracy in Europe Movement (DiEM25) Srećko Horvat discussing the importance of grassroots movements.

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