Chris Hedges: Resistance To Fascism

Truthdig columnist and Pulitzer Prize–winner Chris Hedges speaks at the Aladdin Theater in Portland, Oregon at a benefit for KBOO Community Radio on May 26th, 2017 where he takes a provocative look at the current state of revolt in the United States and recounts the US’s continuing history of domestic terrorism while outlining ways for communities to resist before it’s too late.  Examining the horrors of the American prison system Hedges states, “Our system of mass incarceration is not, as some critics charge, ‘broken,’. It works exactly the way it is designed to work.”

Returning to core subjects such as the future of democracy and resistance against the neocons of the Trump administration, he declares:

“This [situation] will require us, as Ralph Nader has long said, to show up. We have to, as Max Weber advised, make politics a vocation, and resistance will begin locally as we transform our neighborhoods and our communities.”

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