Democracy Now!: The Age of Surveillance Capitalism

Corporations have created a new kind of marketplace out of our private human experiences. That is the conclusion of an explosive new book that argues big tech platforms like Facebook and Google are elephant poachers, and our personal data is ivory tusks.

Author Shoshana Zuboff is professor emerita at Harvard Business School and author of the seminal new book, “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power” arguably, next to Thomas Piketty’s brilliant expose’ of wealth inequality “Capital In The Twenty-First Century”, is the most important book published so far this century as she exposes the dark hidden world dominated by a handful of tech companies that digitally scour public data profiles to monopolize and privatize knowledge for profit.

“At its core, surveillance capitalism is parasitic and self-referential. It revives Karl Marx’s old image of capitalism as a vampire that feeds on labor, but with an unexpected turn. Instead of labor, surveillance capitalism feeds on every aspect of every human’s experience.”

Professor Zuboff does however seem to “pull her punches” by refusing to blame this rise of a privatized surveillance state on the market-based system that engendered it; capitalism itself, begging the question: is she calling for revolution or just reform?

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