Extinction Rebellion: Our Responsibilities At This Time

Talk and Q&A with Roger Hallam

Extinction Rebellion was set up to tell the truth and the truth is that if we allow the carbon economy to get back up and running post COVID, we are locking in the suffering and death of billions of people. This is beyond the imagination but one thing is clear: that at this point, two years after the founding of XR, we have to enter into civil resistance against the government or become complicit in its murderous intent.

Knowledge requires action. In this talk XR co founder Roger Hallam will outline our responsibilities at this time: to undertake nonviolent direct actions which will result in arrest and imprisonment. This is what happened in the past and this what is demanded of us now.

At the end of the talk we will discuss the practicalities of action as we come out of Covid in 2021.

email: ring2021[at]protonmail[dot]com to find out more about our responsibilities in 2021

Recorded on 2nd February, 2021

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