Nonlinear War

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The Forever War is by its nature a non-linear exercise in keeping the public both in the dark and perpetually confused. Overtly it makes no sense logically. Enemies become friends, friends are secretly enemies, and their enemies are conveniently friends. Even contemporaries from within our own society are subject to scrutiny and suspicion.

Covertly The Forever War makes perfect sense – as a marketing strategy. This environment of a cultural dependency on conflict is propagated from within a palpable climate of fear made all the more immediate by the propaganda machine of the corporate-controlled mass media, especially the Internet which treats both its subject matter as well as its audience as commodities to be exploited — without consent.

Here is a brilliant five minute film by documentarian Adam Curtis, most known for his BBC series “The Century of The Self”, on the how and the why news media is managed, distorted, and manipulated by powerful vested interests for often hidden agendas and objectives.

You can spare five minutes in your busy day to find out how thoroughly you’re being manipulated, can’t you? Or do you like being “bamgoogled”?

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