Plutocracy: Part III – Class War

Plutocracy: Part III – Class War is the third of three films by documentarian Scott Noble on the continuing Class War in the United States (and elsewhere) between the Rentier Class and the Precariat underclasses during the period spanning the late Nineteenth through the early Twentieth Centuries; specifically the persecution and suppression of the working class and its attempts to organize political and economic opposition to the ruling Plutocracy as evidenced by the criminalization and ultimate eradication of the I.W.W. Union both through extra-legal and violent repression.

The trilogy features interviews with activist Brian Jones; authors Justin Akers Chacon, Andrew Cornell, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Lance Selfa, Christopher Simpson, Sharon Smith, and Athan Theoharis; historian Julie Greene and Peter Rachleff; educator Graeme MacQueen; and is narrated by Mikela Jay.

First aired via Films For Action in association with Metanoia Films.

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