The Empire Files: Giants – Who Really Rules The World

Host Abby Martin sits down with Peter Phillips, former director of Project Censored and professor of Political Sociology at Sonoma State University. His new book “Giants: The Global Power Elite” details the 17 transnational investment firms which control over $50 trillion in wealth—and how they are kept in power by their activists, facilitators and protectors.

“The Global Power Elite function as a nongovernmental network of similarly educated wealthy people with common interests of managing, facilitating, and protecting concentrated global wealth and insuring the continued growth of capital.

“We name some 389 individuals in this book as the core of the policy planning nongovernmental networks that manage, facilitate, and protect the continued concentration of global capital. The Global Power Elites are the activist core of the Transnational Capitalist Class—1 percent of the world’s wealthy people—who serve the uniting function of providing ideological justifications for their shared interests and establishing the parameters of needed actions for implementation by transnational governmental organizations.”

….. Phillips, Peter. Giants . Seven Stories Press.

“Giants” is available at Seven Stories Press.

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