The Intercept: The Faces and Voices of The Yellow Vests

The French Protestors known as the “Yellow Vests,” named for the safety jackets they wear that have become the emblem of their movement against austerity, income inequality, and the government of President Emmanuel Macron, are hard to describe accurately on a left-right political spectrum. That has not stopped politicians and activists of all stripes from attempting to claim the movement, but it is worth taking any opportunity to actually listen to the voices of the protesters themselves.

Video journalist Raul Gallego Abellan spent Saturday, December 8th in Paris asking a broad spectrum of protesters how they describe the movement themselves. The main message was that the poor, the working class, and the middle class were being taxed too much to support policies that rewarded the rich. People said they were tired of the political system that had forced them last year to vote for Macron, a former minister and investment banker, just to keep out the far-right National Front candidate, Marine Le Pen.

First aired on The Intercept including commentary excerpted from the post by Robert Mackay. Videography by Raul Gallego Abellan.

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