The Lobby USA: The Witch Hunt

In part three of The Lobby USA – The Witch Hunt, our undercover reporter Israel on Campus Coalition’s Jacob Baime travels to the Labour Party Conference, revealing how accusations of anti-Semitism by group within Labour targeted Israel critics and witnessed some being investigated. In particular Baime explains how his organization applies this against “the anti-Israel people” by putting “up some anonymous website” along with targeted Facebook ads.

Also in part three, Al Jazeera interviews Bill Mullen, a professor of American Studies at Purdue University in Indiana, and a leading activist in the BDS movement. As The Electronic Intifada reported in 2016, Mullen and his family found themselves targeted by an organized smear campaign, starting in March of that year. Several anonymous websites sprang up, containing fabricated accounts of sexual harassment by Mullen, supposedly by a student. Mullen describes the campaign as an attempt to destroy his marriage. His wife, also a professor, was sent a link to one of the sites.

As previously reported by The Electronic Intifada, episode three also names convicted tax evader, and multimillionaire Israel lobby financier Adam Milstein as the founder of secretive blacklisting site Canary Mission. It also reveals the Foundation for Defense of Democracies as another agent of Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs.

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