The Power Principle II – Propaganda

The Power Principle is a three part documentary series directed by Scott Noble that explores how the plutocracy class in the United States and elsewhere, promotes a culture of fear in order to secure increased military expenses, year after year to effectively perpetuate The Forever War.

The three films make the case that the US government together with the military-industrial complex, and the corporate owned and controlled mass media – known colloquially as The Corporate State – have developed a powerful propaganda machinery, inspired in good part by the efforts of Edward Bernays, (a nephew of Sigmund Freud, who is credited with the creation of programs and promotional campaigns that became known under the euphemism of Public Relations), that was deployed in order to scare and convince the public that interventions by Empire like those in Dominican Republic (1965) and Grenada (1983); US support for brutal anti-terror campaigns like those in Guatemala (1954), Indonesia (1965), and El Salvador (1979); US-designed assassination plots like those in Nicaragua (1981) and in several parts of Latin America (Operation Condor); plus support for overthrowing democratically elected governments like those in Brazil (1964) and Chile (1973) (and currently with Venezuela and Brazil again) were necessary in order to prevent the spread of communism, using mainly the meme of The Domino Theory as justification.

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Part 2 Propaganda presented here, discusses the fallacy of The Soviet Menace?, presenting case studies of El Salvador and Nicaragua; then moves on to explore the nature of Propaganda – its inherent guise of Self-Deception and blowback followed by episodes dealing with The “International Communist Conspiracy”; Declassified Documents; NSC 68; The Pentagon as Keynsian Mechanism; The Military Industrial Complex; The War against the Third World; What is imperialism?; a Case Study of Haiti; and “War is a racket”.

Next is an exploration of propaganda and Fear-based conditioning using as examples the mass media of film and television citing films and programs such as: The War of the Worlds, The Triumph of the Will; World view Warfare; The Russians are coming; Television: The “perfect propaganda medium”; Soviet vs. American propaganda; Hollywood and the Pentagon; Psywarriors and the media; Operation Mockingbird; The Pentagon Pundits; Project Revere; The Bomber Gap; and the slogan let’s “scare the hell out of them” (meaning us).

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