You’ve Been Trumped

You've Been Trumped

In You’ve Been Trumped, a 2011 documentary by British filmmaker Anthony Baxter. a group of proud Scottish homeowners take on celebrity tycoon, American billionaire Donald Trump . At stake was one of Britain’s very last stretches of wilderness.

Trump has bought up hundreds of acres on the northeast coast of Scotland, best known to movie-lovers as the setting for the 1983 classic film Local Hero, and like the fictional American oil tycoon played by Burt Lancaster, The David needs to buy out a few more locals to make the deal come true. You've_Been_Trumped_posterIn a land swimming with golf courses, Trump has built two – alongside a 450-room hotel and 1,500 luxury homes – now named Trump International Golf Links. The trouble is, the land he built them on occupies one of Europe’s most environmentally sensitive stretches of coast, described by one leading scientist as Scotland’s Amazon rain forest. And the handful of local residents didn’t want it destroyed.

After the Scottish Government overturned its own environmental laws to give Trump the green light, the stage was set for an extraordinary summer of discontent, as the bulldozers spring into action. Water and power is cut off, land disputes erupt, and some residents have thousands of tonnes of earth piled up next to their homes. Complaints go ignored by the police, who instead arrest the film’s director, Anthony Baxter. Local exasperation comes to a surreal head as the now “Dr” Trump scoops up an honorary doctorate from a local university, even as his tractors turned wild, untouched dunes into fairways.

Told entirely without narration, You’ve Been Trumped captures the cultural chasm between the glamorous, jet-setting and media savvy Donald Trump and a deeply rooted Scottish community. What began as an often amusing clash of world views soon grows increasingly bitter and disturbing. For the tycoon, the golf course is just another deal, with a billion dollar payoff. For the residents, it represents the destruction of a globally unique landscape that has been the backdrop for their lives.

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