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Hot and Bothered: Radical Pragmatism


A Green New Deal needs to translate lofty ideas into specific interventions. How quickly can we decarbonize our energy grid, how do we overcome the institutional obstacles of the American political system, and how do we put frontline communities in the lead?

Designing The Green New Deal

To win a Green New Deal, we need to deepen and expand mass movements and coalitions. Last fall at the University of Pennsylvania, we organized a massive conference on Designing a Green New Deal, with contributions by academics, journalists, organizers, and designers. In this four-part mini-series, we bring you audio of the discussions.

To achieve rapid and equitable decarbonization will require immense practical wisdom, and a clear-eyed recognition of the obstacles in our path. We must also learn from the environmental justice movement, whose struggles invented the concepts behind the Green New Deal decades ago. This episode features UC Santa Barbara political scientist Leah Stokes, Vox writer David Roberts, WE-ACT Director of Legislative Affairs Kerene Tayloe, Esq, and Roosevelt Institute’s Director of Climate Policy Rhiana Gunn-Wright.

First aired on Dissent‘s podcast Hot & Bothered.

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