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Pandemic Recovery..Or Not

On this episode of The Old Mole Variety Hour titled “Pandemic Recovery..Or Not”:

Bill Resnick speaks with Yeva Nersisyan, a progressive economist, in part 2 of a two part interview on the COVID crisis.

In the first part they discussed the way the Trump regime has dealt with the economics of the crisis, by giving major corporations and finance great gobs of money but sending crumbs to the people.

In Part 2 today they discuss the coming economy, very likely featuring considerable unemployment, evictions, homelessness, and families losing health insurance. They discuss the public programs necessary to support working people and the popular movements that will be necessary to force government action.

Yeva Nersisyan is a Research Scholar at the Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity and an Associate Professor of economics at Franklin and Marshall College.

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First broadcast on KBOO Radio’s The Old Mole Variety Hour

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