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Shot In The Dark

Chris Hedges: Gaslighted by the Ruling Class

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The Ugly Terror of a Fascist Abyss

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MLK Statue MS

Martin Luther King’s Giant Triplets: Racism, Militarism, and Materialism

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The Intercept: A Short History of Police Provocateurs

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The Intercept: Corporate Rescue

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Blog Series, Blogs, Politics, Truth-Dig April 26, 2020

Joe Biden Unmasked

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Voting For Joe – Or Not

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The One-Choice Election

THE ONE-CHOICE ELECTION By Chris Hedges There is only one choice in this election. The consolidation of oligarchic power under Donald…

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Counterpunch: The Neoliberal Plague

The Neoliberal Plague By Rob Urie For those who aren’t familiar with Albert Camus’ The Plague, disparate lives are brought together…

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Class: The Little Word the Elites Want You to Forget

Class: The Little Word the Elites Want You to Forget By Chris Hedges “No successful political movement will be built within…

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