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Clearing The Fog: Surviving In A Post-Crash Economy

Surviving In A Post-Crash Economy

The current generation is the first one in history that will have a lower standard of living than its predecessors and a shorter life expectancy. In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crash, where there are more people in part-time jobs with lower wages, fewer benefits and massive debt, people are forced to find ways to make a living.

In his new book, “Everything for Everyone: The Radical Traditions that are Shaping the New Economy“, Nathan Schneider explains how his generation is incorporating old traditions, such as worker ownership, with new technology in creative ways to form a new economy that ends exploitation and nurtures fairness and democracy.

Acitivist, blogger, lawyer comrade Kevin Zeese passed away Sunday September 6 at home suffering a heart attack. He sat on the advisory board of Courage Foundation defending Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Jeremy Hammond, Chelsea Manning and other whistleblowers, where he stood up for dissidents and journalists.. Read the TeleSur’s memorial post.

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