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CounterPunch Radio: Russiagate, VTB, and Deutsche Bank

This week host Eric Draitser welcomes to the show investigative journalist and founder of Forensic News, Scott Stedman, along with Deutsche Bank whistleblower Val Broeksmit, to discuss the bombshell report from Forensic News confirming a direct link between Trump’s Deutsche Bank loans and the Russian bank VTB.

The conversation begins with a deep dive into the story and Val’s background, including his father, a former Deutsche Bank executive who committed suicide in 2014. Val and Scott help lay out the connections between Trump, the US subsidiary of Deutsche Bank, and the Russian oligarch bank VTB.

The conversation touches on numerous angles to this story including Val’s cooperation with the FBI, the main pieces of evidence, and a macro-level view of how this revelation fits into the broader Trump-Russia puzzle. Whether you’re a Russiagate enthusiast, skeptic, or somewhere in between, this week’s show is all about the evidence.

Music: Constantines – “Young Lions”

First aired on CounterPunch Radio.

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