February 20, 2020 0

Intercepted: It’s Armageddon Time For The Democratic Party

AS PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP basks in his “acquittal” in the Senate, the Democratic National Committee is acting shady in managing the Democratic primaries.

This week on Intercepted: Consumer advocate and former presidential candidate Ralph Nader talks about the state of the Democratic primary, the corporate DNC panic over Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, and what would happen to the Democratic Party if Sanders wins. Nader also discusses a phone call he had with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just before the impeachment process began.

As former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg buys his way into the Democratic primary, he is plastering the airwaves with hagiographic advertisements that ignore his awful record on race, labor unions, and how he escalated NYC’s stop-and-frisk program. Intercept investigative reporter Lee Fang talks about Bloomberg’s advisers and the strategy to block Sanders or Warren from getting the nomination, possibly seeking to force a brokered convention.

First Aired on The Intercept.

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