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Radical Reflections During The Pandemic

Capitalism Pandemic

Radical Reflections During The Pandemic.

Laurie Mercier hosts this episode of the Old Mole titled Radical Reflections During The Pandemic, which will include:

Covid 19 and Environmental Degradation:

Bill Resnick continues the second of a two part interview with Dr. Michael Friedman, a microbiologiest who studies the relationship between environmental degradation and the emergence of human pathogens, like Covid 19.

Libraries and the Market Imperative:

Laurie talks with Old Mole Joe Clement about the Multnomah County Library expansion bond, which will appear on the November ballot, and hold a light up to the neoliberal concepts and practices sneaking into our most socialist of institutions.

They Feed They Lion:

In honor of National Poetry Month, Patricia Kullberg discusses the 1968 poem, “They Feed They Lion,” by former US Poet Laureate, Philip Levine and what the poem might mean for us today as we grapple with the devastation of climate change and pandemic disease.

First aired on The Old Mole Variety Hour.

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